Producing car spare parts

Mr Iraj Ghasemi is the founder and president of Shafagh Dana Industrial complex. He was born in 1953. He got his bachelor’s degree from Tehran university of Science and Technology in Mechanical Engineering in 1979. Upon his graduation he stablished a manufacturing factory that was later known as Shafagh Dana company with high reputation in automobile industry. His firm determination and zeal for innovation and creativity led this successful manager to a high position, to the extent that he is now one of the most honored and respected innovator in Iraninan auto industry.

Shafagh Dana Group, as one of the major manufacturer of polymer moulds and auto parts in Iran. Launched it’s operations in 1980. This company with the assistance of higher caliber team of experts has eventually been able to claim a major part in securing self sufficiency of auto part industry in Iran.

This evolution and innovation embraced such a big success that all auto parts manufacturer in Iran welcomed comprehensive cooperation. After so many years of indispensable experience, this company has been able to manufacture exclusively more than 200 poly,er and plastic moulds and auto parts for light and heavy vehicles and deliver them to the auto manufacturing industry.

This group, thanks to having a research and development unit, consisting of highly specialized and experienced experts, plus acquiring ISO TS/16949:2002 certificate of URS Company of England, enjoys the designing phase of new projects. This phase includes: research, design, manufacture of mould and mass production of parts with Zero Defect Approach.